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How to get verified Amazon reviews?

In a free consultation with one of our experts, we will analyse your products and collect all requirements for your campaign setup.

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We’ll offer you a custom-tailored solution providing you with the best quality reviews at the lowest price possible.

Campaign Rollout

With our process you increase sales and reputation. You get higher credibility through positive reviews. Customers will love your shop!

Amazon Votes

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- upvote your good reviews -

We help you upvote your good reviews and report abuse your negative reviews automatically.

Amazon Reviews

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- increase credibility & sales -

Boost Your Sales With Verified Amazon Reviews! Serious Verified reviews will increase your product credibility and sales up to 44% – reseach of independent company shows!

Amazon Sales

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- most selled product sells better -
Research showed that people chances of buying product are greater when they see that product has been selling better then average

More high quality reviews drive more revenue

Stay ahead of the competition

Ratings as a sales booster

Booking reviews from a professional service provider is the solution to effectively boost your sales. Low sales are usually the result of inadequate or inadequate evaluations. In addition, it often happens with reviews that they are not related to the company or the product itself, but to third parties over whom you as a dealer or service provider have little influence. At REVIEWS MEDIC you get your ratings and reviews from a pool of over 20,000 professional and verified product testers who objectively and extensively evaluate your offers.

Completely managed service

As easy as it can be! Through phone call with out account manager you inform us about product for which you need reviews. Rest of the process is with us. Wait until your sales starts going up. PROVEN!

Legal and per Amazon Guidelines

Yes it is. Our reviewers provide trusted reviews and gives honest opinion of the product so it’s 100% risk free for your Amazon shop account!

Why Amazon Reviews?

As your are already on this page, you probably know answer to this question! But did you know that your sales can increase by 44% with verified reviews?!

Phone consultation completely free

As soon as you leave us your contact details, account manager will drop you a call, answer questions you might have and propose best solution for you and your use case. Best of all, phone consulation is completely FREE, so let us now your needs and let us help you to increase your product credibility and your sales

Short average delivery time per review!

Time can vary because of various products online which needs review. Usualy to deliver verified review,  we need up to 7 days except for books where it could be up to 15 days.

Reviewers are joining our platform every day

Your personal account manager starts rolling out and monitoring your campaigns. All you need to do is taking care of your increased sales volume.

Related questions

Of course, you will receive an invoice with VAT, which you have to pay either in advance or according to the specified payment date.

As an agency, we do without a shop system and offer you the usual B2B payment methods, payment in advance and purchase on account.

A review is a type of criticism that evaluates and presents a specific subject. This form of criticism is usually written down in print or digital media.
A rating, on the other hand, supports the written review, for example, in which it is reflected in the number of stars (usually 1-5).

More and more potential customers decide online to buy a product or use a service based on positive reviews. The more positive reviews have been given for a product, the more credibility it receives, which has been proven to increase sales by up to 44%. That is why companies have been relying on comparison and evaluation portals for years.

Immediately after you have completed your order, we start planning your campaign. Although some reviews usually go through a verification process, you can expect the first review within the first week. Experience has shown that it does not make sense to submit a large number of reviews too quickly. We therefore recommend playing out around 10 reviews per month. In order to generate the best possible organic growth, we adapt our frequencies to your previous evaluation profile. For these reasons, our testers are encouraged to evaluate products that are only expected to work after a few days.